Greetings Mississippi Families:

  The Mississippi Central State Troopers Coalition (MSCSTC), Wal-Mart and Save A Kid Save A Life Former NFL Players are working together to help raise toys to support low income families hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are in desperate need of your support. Our goal is to supply Kids with a new toy to let them know we are a community working together to help support others during this pandemic. As many of you know the Delta and Jackson are some of the worst hit communities by the pandemic as well as some of the lowest income areas of our state. With your support we can make a difference in the lives of many these kids and families. By working together, we can live up to the Motto “We Are In It Together Mississippi”. We will be conducting a toy drive for both children who are hospitalized, suffering from various illnesses and children from low-income families in the Delta and Jackson. 

Research shows a large percentage of low-income families in Mississippi do not have money to purchase toys for Christmas.  We understand that necessity often dictates food and shelter, which takes precedence over toys; however, we are counting on you to collaborate with us (MSCSTC, Wal-Mart and Save A Kid Save A Life Former NFL Players) to bring sunshine and happiness to the lives of as many children as possible during this holiday season.  The toy drive will start October 15th through December 15th to ensure as many children as possible receive a toy on Christmas morning.

Mississippi Central State Troopers Coalition (MSCSTC) values and takes pride in educating our children and youth.  Our desire is to collaborate with you and purchase educational toys that will assist children and youth with academic and social achievement in school. We are asking you to talk to and encourage your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers and church members to donate toys to this worthy cause.

Donations can be taken to your local Mississippi Highway Patrol Office (there you will find a MSCSTC Toy Box) or you can log onto our website (WWW.MSCSTC.ORG) to contact your local representative.  If there are any further questions, please, contact MSCSTC President James Gunter (662)386-4438.  We greatly appreciate your support and efforts; but, more importantly, the children of Mississippi will appreciate your love and kindness.


Mississippi Central State Troopers Coalition   

P.O. Box 31031     

Jackson, MS  39286-1031

2020 MSCSTC Toy Drive

MS Central State Troopers Coalition