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P.0. Box 31031
Jackson, MS 39286-1031

The Mississippi Central State Troopers Coalition addresses the needs of trooper officers as well as bridges the gap between the administration, other officers and the community. The Coalition takes pride in helping families of slain troopers and assists families where the need is deemed appropriate.

As you are aware the need is great and it is real. The Coalition implements and supports such programs as youth camps (mentorship camp), legal fund, family flower fund, family assistance fund, charitable donations, coalition member retirement fund, coalition newsletter, and the annual troopers conference. The coalition participates in the community by providing positive role models and assistance where needed.

The Central State Troopers Coalition is requesting financial assistance from each of you. We need your contributions in order to continue assisting and fulfilling the mission/goals of our coalition. This assistance will go toward building a bigger, better and stronger Mississippi Coalition for families and communities.

Please remember that all donations/contributions are tax deductible. Your contribution of any size is needed and appreciated. All donations/contributions of $25.00 or more will receive a Mississippi Central State Troopers Sponsors Log Sticker.  Please mail your donation today, to the Mississippi Central State Troopers Coalition at the address above.


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