Greetings Mississippi Families:

It is a privilege and honor to announce the scheduled dates for the 2019 Mississippi Central State Trooper Coalition (MSCSTC) Youth Camp.  The Coalition members take pride in working with youths around Mississippi teaching, mentoring and modeling leadership skills and positive family values our youth needs in order to build strong, healthy families and communities.

The Mississippi Central State Trooper Coalition (MSCSTC) Youth Camp will be at Hinds County Community College Raymond Campus,  June 9-14, 2019.  100 Campers (75 young men and 25 young women) between the ages of 13 and 17 will be selected from all over Mississippi to participate in our MSCSTC Youth Camp. 

The mission of the MSCSTC Youth Camp is to provide its participants with positive experiences that will equip them with life, leadership, self-discipline and transitional skills.  These skills will assist our youth in becoming healthy, productive,
law-abiding citizens that make positive contributions in their communities. 

The registration fee of $150.00.   This fee will go towards their lodging, food, and activities that will take place during the MSCSTC Youth Camp.  The youth’s application packet and the registration fee is due on or before May 31, 2019.

Please go to to pull down the application packet.  You can also contact your local Mississippi Central State Trooper Coalition Representative regarding the application packet or contact Larry Edwards, Camp Director, at 662-561-6668. The application packet and registration fee must be returned to the following address on or before May 31, 2019:                                                                        

Mississippi Central State Troopers Coalition                                                                                            

P.O. Box 31031

Jackson, MS  39286-1031

Please contact me at 662-386-4438, if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Captain James E Gunter (D-00), President                                                                                          

 Mississippi Central State Troopers Coalition

Mississippi Central State Troopers Coalition  Sponsorship

Dear Sponsor:

 We are writing this letter on behalf of the Mississippi Central State Troopers Coalition (MSCSTC).  We really need your help.  In order to continue the impact within our communities, we need financial assistance from you.  Please help us in this much-needed cause by making a monetary donation.

 With generous support from our members and donors like you, the MSCSTC may continue its efforts to fund community programs like our annual summer youth camp, mentoring programs, our legal defense fund, family bereavement support, family assistance fund, local charitable donations, our quarterly coalition newsletter, annual troopers conference, informational and training seminars and our newly established high school youth enrichment program.

Today, I am asking you to make a 
choice of supporting this organization by assisting me in leading the Mississippi Central State Troopers Coalition toward a very important goal...helping people and changing lives. If you choose to support annually, our organization is 501C3 approved and all donations will be tax deductible.  Please make checks or money orders payable to the address as shown below.

MS Central State Trooper Coalition
Post Office Box 31031
Jackson, MS  39286-1031

 Thank you for your support and for joining us in this worthy cause.  This is truly the organization where we are helping people and changing lives.  Our actions and your financial support will make a difference. Together, we can and will make a difference in the lives of so many people. Help us continue to assist our troopers, the community and our youth become better people.


MS Central State Trooper Coalition                        

Executive Board of Directors                                    

MS Central State Troopers Coalition

MSCSTC Youth Camp Announcement